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What is a PostNord account?

The PostNord account enables user access to our digital services on web and in mobile apps in a logged in mode. PostNord offers digital services for both sender and receiver as well as for companies and individuals, and the PostNord account can be used regardless of your role or which service you use at PostNord.

Some services you can use as a guest user while others require you to have an account; by which you always get more options that simplifies your use of our services.

What do I get with a PostNord account?

You get the opportunity to make settings and preference choices that are linked to your PostNord account. These will remain and follow you when you log in from different places and devices. With an account, you also get history linked to your user and information is not lost when, for example, changing your smartphone.

How do I manage my PostNord account?

Once you are logged in, you can manage your PostNord account yourself, such as changing your password or making other settings and choices for your account. You manage your PostNord account on the profile page for your PostNord account.

PostNord account and my privacy

We at PostNord respect your personal privacy and we handle all accounts in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and our goal is for you to feel safe. More information about our privacy policy can be found at

How can I ensure that it is PostNord that I log in to?

All usage in PostNord account takes place through the address and mailings to you are made from account (at) Read more tips about security: